Lebanon Oregon Uncensored

This is a UNCENSORED page ' meaning people are allowed to speak their minds. If you tend to be easily offended by bad language" or UNCENSORED topics of conversation ' this isn't the group for you.

This is a place to vent or tell of a theft or something funny you wanna share. Or just what ever you feel you need to share.
UNCENSORED or not' their are things that will not be allowed.
1- Posts with threats of violence to a person or persons or repeated bashings of a individual for Any reason.

2- Posts that rally violence or criminal activities, especially towards women or children.

3- Excessive spamming of pictures posts in the page or any pics with NUDITY will be removed.

4- ANYONE who openly expresses their dislike for the topics or the group as a whole and doesn't know how to accept that it's not all roses and rainbows in here will be REMOVED from the group ..... As in life in the real world....it is full of stuff we don't like, so we turn our heads and move on to what it is we like.... This is how it has to be in here.

5- This is NOT the place to express RELIGIOUS views both positive and negative. Although it will affect your opinion on certain subjects posts soley devoted to this topic will be removed!!!

The admins work hard to keep children, Graphic Nudity and Threats of Violence or Criminal activities out of the group.

Before reporting the group as a whole because you don't like a topic discussed, expresses your concerns to the Adminsif anything you see falls outside the above guidelines..... If you don't like it here..... Please remove yourself before an Admin has to do it for you!!!

You will be warned once and the content removed, second time.....you will be removed from the group!!!

This page is ran by Admins....who have final say on what content is allowed on here and who the membership includes.

Thank you. And enjoy and have fun.