Lincoln ME area flea market: Wanted, For Sale, or Free

General Rules:

Blocking an Admin will get you booted from the site. There are a lot of people on this site, and in order to keep the page cleaned up, we need access to all who post on here.

If you schedule a meeting place, and the buyer/seller does not show up, and this becomes a habit (2 complaints from 2 separate people), then you will be removed from this site. Everyone's time and money is valuable! Gas is too expensive to keep meeting up with no shows!

If your item sells you need to DELETE POST so everyone does not keep asking if it is available, or ask an admin to delete it for you :)

Member can only bump their ads up ONCE a day (24 hours) unless they are adding new information or lowering the price, or THE AD WILL BE HIDDEN. If you are posting/bumping more than 3 items we ask that you create an album. Do not bump more than 3 items/albums a day. You can only BUMP your album ONCE a day.

If you have a cell phone only post 3 pictures at one time, once an item is sold, delete sold item (or ask admin to delete) and you can add a new item.

Do not keep adding the same photo. Either make an album or bump the previous picture.

HOW TO MAKE AN ALBUM on this page:

1. Beside the name of this page, you have 4 options (about, events, PHOTOS, and file).
Click on PHOTOS.
Make your choices from where to upload them from.
You can now choose to ADD PHOTOS or post photo.

Once you have posted a picture:
Please set up the pick up or drop off point through a private message. If the person is not in your friends list the message will NOT go in your inbox, instead it will go in your OTHER folder. Keep your comments BRIEF on your post. No socializing...

ADD YOUR FRIENDS!!! The more people seeing these posts, and posting their own ads means we will all be happy shoppers!

Duplicate photos will be deleted.

Remember that although this is a local group you still want to use caution when giving out personal information- this is still the internet!!

This is a local site. Do not expect anyone to meet 2 hours away!

We will post this information often as a FRIENDLY reminder :)

Any problems or issues, Please contact Cheryl Tripp. Thank you!