Liberian for Equal Right and Justice.

‪#‎focusonliberia‬ LIBERIANS-AS THE CAUSE OF THE MANY PROBLEMS. ‪#‎LIBERIA‬ is going through a lot of pain and frustrations as one can see upon arriving in the country. The gate way to our economic which is the freeport of monrovia and the Robert International Airport are clear evidence to prove me right. As Government generate more money from revenue annually, monrovia and other parts of Liberia remain deplorable as it has been. With it poorly constructed capital city, monrovia, which due to the war got from west to ridiculer, is yet to recover from the hands of those with opposite views as they seek riches. If Liberia will one day cry out load, those with evil intentions will bleed through their ears like an ebola patient to experience the pain she is going through. Liberians-\-\as the cause to the many problems. The killing of our leaders was only done to prove to the world how immature, heartless, wicked and destructive we are as far as a normal human being is concern. Attitude which also prove-there are more bad people then good people in Liberia. As an innocent country, rich with human and mineral resources for speedy development, we appear hungry as we lack development. This topic was selected as my way of clearing our many doubts as to the status or conditions of our country after a tense research to conclude. If Liberia will ever move to a recovering stage, there is a need for Liberians to change in minds and attitude to embrace developments for generations to come. Failure to eradicate this behavior problems of us, we will be unable to break this vicious circle of poverty, calamities, injustices, corruptions, madness and those man made diseases such as ebola against us for commercial purposes. ‪#‎FINALLY‬
A SPECIAL SENATORIAL ELECTION. What good will a man do after serving as an adviser to a leader who is being charged for corrupt practices and bad governance for nine years of ruling the Liberian people?