Vote Wheatley, Adams, Ledford, & Kirkland for Student Senate!

ELECTIONS: October 10th-11th
Begin at 9 am on Wednesday; ends at 6 pm on Thursday (online)
Polling Locations: WEDNESDAY AND THURSDAY- Student Center, Classroom Building We would love YOUR vote! Our Platform: Carrie Kirkland, Jared Wheatley, Annie Ledford, and Jonathan Adams. Our main goal is to give all freshmen a voice this year, not just a voice that is heard, but one that is acted upon. All freshmen come from different backgrounds and cultures, and we understand that hard work is demanded in order to completely comprehend and deliver on all the needs of each freshman student at one of the best universities in the country. This can only be achieved through a strong and devoted group of people who are willing to speak up and explain what WE truly need in order to be fully integrated into this University. We want to see every student on this campus involved and working towards bettering their future. We believe our freshman class holds potential to achieve all possibilities and we will strive to meet those goals. The four of us provide this, and given the opportunity we will display that for the entire student body to see. Just like a wildcat with big strong paws, we'll be your voice and stand up for the cause. Go Cats!