Zimmerman/Princeton/Elk River Online Garage Sale



ALBUMS ONLY (ALL items for sale are to be put in an album, NO exceptions)

ISO or free posts do not need an album

Put name & date (update often) as album title. ONE album per member

You MUST put a price/size etc on every photo

Albums are deleted after 30 days if not kept up to date.

Make sure you TAG (@John Doe) when you leave a comment

NO BUSINESS/COMPANY ADVERTISING, or placing of product orders

Businesses may place old stock in an album as long as their album is still MOSTLY garage sale items. If you are adding the newest product weekly, we know you are selling product and will be removed as it is not fair to our other members.

NO bidding on items. No "Best Offer"
We ask as a courtesy you sell to the 1st person who inquired about the item and continue down the list

NO stealing of sales. If you have the same item to sell, post your own album.

If you add new items, or reduce prices you may "bump" your album to state so, under the album. This will "bump" your album to the wall.*Limited to ONLY when you add new items or reduce prices, and no more than once daily*You may NOT post a link to your album.

As with any private sale, it is buyer beware, and your responsibility to check the condition of the item before you purchase it.

When an item is sold (no longer in your possession) delete the photo from your album. DO NOT write sold under the photo.

3 strike rule. If we get 3 legitimate complaints (ie damaged, no show) about a member you will be removed from the group. It is not fair to the members to have to deal with such inconsiderate people.

Also, there will be NO blocking of admin to try and avoid the rules, if you block the admin, you will be removed from the group.

This is a site for selling garage sale related items. NOT for selling, or giving away animals. There are other sites on FB for that.

If any member has any questions or concerns they may contact Terri Stewart.