Stoners Lounge

Grown ass adult smokers (18+ no questions asked) no ignorance of any kind allowed.. just smoke,shoot shit and be happy :)

. this group is pretty laid back only few rules unlike other groups we aren't anal AF about staying on top of the group 24/7..
Rules are as followed :
•No Racism / racial slurs
•No Disrespect (we know at time discussions may get heated and people may not always agree but disrespect is no way to handle it)
•If you have any concerns with group or with certain individual contact Charley, Jerry, Cheno, or myself(Adryana), because like I mentioned earlier we aren't on here "watching" 24/7 we have lives just like y'all do lol
• make sure to light it up smoke it up drink it up laugh it up ..

We want this to be fun chilled lay back room invite all ur friends lets enjoy it :)