Townsville Desert Rose North QLD. is a happy friendly group who enjoy these beauty's!

We will not tolerate bullies, nasty comments. If this does happen you will be removed from Townsville Desert Roses North Qld.

We like to keep our group fresh and exciting.

Photos/ Selling/Pick ups:

You're welcome to post your own photos although please don't post other desert roses photos from other groups. This group is about our own hard work...

Selling your desert roses:

Please post your location for plant pick ups and their prices too :) in regards to plant pick ups please comment first and then pm the seller as it makes things alot easier to see who is first in line, so there is no confusion.

If you cant make it to pick up please let the seller know asap, as they have a life too. its that easy.

Care of your desert roses:

If unsure on what to do if any concerns on your plants please post photos and ask your question, we should have an answer for your problems..

Your Admin team is Ki Jackson, Bert Harris, Judy Clark And myself..

Remember to have fun, enjoy, post photos, and happy gardening!!!!

from Townsville Desert Roses North Qld
.................... Happy Days.......................