Elko's fair priced items

Welcome to my group. The intention here is to give people fair products at a fair price. Elko county is ridiculously high priced no matter what it is. So if you have something new, and want retail price for it, either take it back to the store, or sell it somewhere else.

1. Post pictures or comments on things you'd like to sell, buy, trade, or in search of
2. All items for sell must be below retail value. If their not, your item will be deleted. If it happens twice, you'll be booted
3. This is a buyers beware group. Items are sold as is unless stated other wise. Be sure to look, test, or investigate items prior to buying. (Lots of scammers in the Elko area).
4. Buyers or interested parties have the right to make offers on items even if item is listed as "firm". If someone low balls you, just be respectful and say no or no thank you. There's no need to be inconsiderate and bash them.
5. I ask that if there are items that sell, please don't disclose personnel info viewable to everyone. There are a ton load of weirdo's out there. And ladies, its safer to meet people in public or with company around. Better to be safe than sorry.
6. If your item sells, please delete it
7. Two bump maximum per day.
8. Please be respectful, no need for drama here
9. Don't forget to post a price, if theirs no price, your post will be deleted
Have a good day, good luck on your items;)