Pets in Cornwall safe rehoming

We are passionate that re-homing of all animals is done so as safely as possible, we encourage both owner and 'new home' research each other, visit each others homes and above all make sure you are 100% committed to giving the animal a forever home. Although none of us in here are qualified in any way to give medical advice etc between us we all have experience of owning pets, of various types, some admin have huge knowledge of certain breeds or types or even behaviour ,we can not however be responsible for any advice given, if in doubt ALWAYS ask a vet, we are happy to offer advice when and if we can but remember this is only our opinions and is not in any way at all to be taken as the same as or better than a qualified vet/animal specialist. We accept no liability for information given in here and all support and advice is only given in a friendly, helpful way, but never to be substituted for a qualified vet/animal specialist. Please remember we are here to help and advise as best we can, and will help in any way we are able to, if in doubt inbox any of our admin with any concerns regarding the group. No stud dogs to be advertised at all.