Consultant of the month (COTM) shopping / hosting group

Being a "Consultant of the Month" (COTM) is a GREAT way to network your business, meet new contacts and also shop for some of the most sought after products available to our industry. We are an Elite Group that is run by some very motivated consultants. We are both in more than one direct sales company and know what it's like to want those sales coming in! We want you to have fun while meeting monthly sales goals.

Each consultant may choose at least one group. There will be 3 consultants to a group and only one consultant per company per group. This smaller size of group will make it so we can get you through the cycle faster and paired up faster! We will also keep types of companies that are similar separated as long as space permits. Once one group has filled up a new one will become open. If a group already has your company, just message an Admin, we are open to creating additional groups as needed.

We currently have 4 different types of groups:

$20 Group
$20 Initial Purchase (IP)

$30 Group
$30 Initial Purchase (IP)

$40 Group
$40 Initial Purchase (IP)

$50 Group
$50 Initial Purchase (IP)

Please note that these amounts are BEFORE taxes and shipping!

All IPs will be verified before consultants are placed into groups.

The first consultant in a group will get the first month. When it is your "month", each of the other consultants in your designated group will purchase the minimum of product/services from your business. When it is not your month, you are required to purchase the minimum amount in product/services from the particular consultant whose month it is!


Please ask questions, enjoy and HAVE FUN! Essentially, we are all here because we mutually understand and respect the process of direct sales! Please do not join if you do not think you can withstand your end of the deal as we want this experience to be as fun and care free as possible! This means that if you can not buy the group agreed amount each month on the other consultants stuff we don't want you to join and ruin someone else's time that is "playing by the rules." Must of all, ENJOY!!!

Consultants that do not meet the minimum purchase requirements will be removed from the Group; advertising of other COTM groups within our group will not be tolerated.