Kenny Cavanaugh School of Irish Dance

Kenny Cavanaugh School of Irish Dance is intructed by owner, Brigid Robine, champion Irish Step Dancer for 15 years and who is currently sitting for the examination for title of TCRG in September. Currently, until these credentials are cleared, this is a non competitive dance school. Upon receipt of credentials from Ireland, Kenny Cavanaugh School will be sanctioned through Ireland and all dancers who are students will be recognized for local, regional, national and world competition.
Brigid has been a school teacher for a number of years and is also a parent of two and an Irish Musician. Years of parenting, music, dancing and teaching experience makes the dance school a well rounded and unique one. It is new and growing. The school is open to anyone who is interested in learning irish dance and culture as well as exercise and performance. Students ages 3-83 are welcome. The Dingmans area is overdue for Irish Dance instruction for some time and I am overjoyed to bring it to the community I have called home for 11 years.