Growing Up In Clermont (QLD)


This group was created in 2011 by Denise Allwood who has now relocated from Clermont, but all thanks must go to her for the idea and the great response that it has brought. Many long lasting friendships have been re-ignited by this page, and countless hours are spent by members, bantering and looking at photos. There are such great photos shared and some absolutely treasured memories. The talk of a reunion soon became the topic of conversation, but too date, it is too big of a ask for Clermont, but never say never. There have been a couple of get togethers', one on the Capricorn coast, and one on the Sunny coast, both with great attendance and lovely photos posted for the rest of the group to see.

It was the great photos that brought about the idea of a calender for all of the members that had not seen Clermont for many years.

All the photos used in the Calender were from the GUIC Photo albums. The opportunity was offered to all members to send in there snapshots, and they were voted for by the members. Because of the high resolution needed for printing, not all of the photos are acceptable. There was no favoritism for one photographer that seems to be the consensus of some members. This Calender has been for sale to the Members first and foremost, and then to the public of Clermont. It is still for sale at the price of $16, until stock runs out, along with the Signature Logo calenders that have been printed by Debbie....[DAB Printing]

The funds raised by this calender, will remain in the 'kitty' for future merchandise to be released at a later date. At the end of every financial year..if there is a surplus to these funds, a donation will go to the CQ Rescue Chopper [2015] and most likely a different organization for 2016, to be discussed at a later date.

The next lot of Merchandise to be up for sale is the Stubby Coolers, with the Signature Logo on them..they will sell for $7.50 each, and will be available on Australia day at the Aust Day celebrations and thereafter from Head To Toes in Cornett's plaza.
ALL merchandise that is released by this group will be for sale at Head To Toes during business hours and at the Clermont Senior Citizens Markets, held on the 1st Saturday of every month at Rose Harris Park in Clermont. Head To Toes does not make anything from the sales of any GUIC Merchandise. Postage will be offered for out of town purchases, just as the calender was.

The GUIC Group is a non-profit Organization, and has it's own set of books for viewing to anyone who wishes to challenge this. ALL work done for this group is volunteered!