Helping hands in Oakland co.

This group is for those kind-hearted Good Samaritans that wish to help others by donating items, services, time, advice, and most of all friendship.

We have a few guidelines that we would like everyone to abide by in the name of respect & common courtesy..

ABSOLUTELY NO ILLEGAL ACTIVITY WILL BE TOLERATED! If necessary, it will be reported to the appropriate authorities.

NO advertising or selling. Fundraising and Charity sales or events are allowed with admin approval. Message one us privately with info and we will post.

No stock piling. Please limit the free items you take to 3 items per week. And please only take what you NEED.

If it is discovered that you are taking free items from someone on this site to sell on other sites, you will be removed.

Be Courteous. No bashing, no name calling, no harrassment. NO DRAMA.

Please be as helpful as possible. This is for Northern Oakland County residents to keep pick up and meets easier for everyone.

For your safety, please coordinate meets via PM instead of on the page for everyone to see. We keep the group closed, but not secret so we are able to be found and to be able to welcome new members.

If you have any questions or concerns, please private message on of the Admins.. Holly Agnew, Mary Stephens or Jennifer Payne.

Thank you and happy sharing!!