Save Conestoga College Police Foundations Fitness

Recently it has come to the attention of the second year police foundations students that the fitness program may be under fire from the college. In money saving effort the college may be considering cutting the fitness program from the course. In an attempt to help stop this we seek support from not only class mates but also from our community members. Fitness in policing is absolutely essential to the daily duties of an officer. To properly Serve and Protect our communities, officers must be in peak physical condition. The Conestoga College Police Foundations fitness program is literally the best in the country. Rather than it being a gym class where students play dodge ball and floor hockey every day, it is actually designed to get students into the best shape possible. This ensures that physically, the students graduating from Conestoga College are the BEST candidates for the job. If you agree that the fitness program should be saved, please make it known