Benicia/Vallejo Pets

Rules and Guidelines

Benicia/Vallejo Pets is dedicated to assisting members of our community find forever homes for their pets OR post lost & found pets

This site is a helpful resource for people in need of foster families, forever homes for pets and to report lost & found animals.

* All pets to be sold must be properly vetted, spayed or neutered, and up to date on all shots. Pets should be well and in a healthy condition when sold or with full disclosure of all medical conditions in the ad as well as any known serious behavioral issues such as biting, food aggression etc.
* This site is not assisting in the sale for profit of animals
* Kittens or puppies must not be sold under the age of 8 weeks per California state law. This includes the presale of animals. No exceptions.
* Ads for puppies and kittens must contain the age, sex with current shots along with a recent picture.
* Posts looking for fosters for pets under the age of 8 weeks old are prohibited.
* To sellers; Please consider chipping a pet back to you before finding the new home for your animal. This will help in the instance that your pet winds up in the shelter in the future. This can be done at a low cost at the local shelter or veterinarian.
** Lost and found pets. Please post them for all of us to pass along. But when passing along for a friend or from another site please copy and paste information from the original post so the owner of the Lost or the person who has the found pet can be contacted directly. That will help to save time.
** It is against the law to re-home or adopt an animal within 30 days of finding it.
* There shall be no profane language. And no threats either one will get your banned from the group.
*Posts soliciting money are prohibited unless it is cleared with the admin first.
* Services offered by other members are not screened by Admins. As a buyer it is up to you to check out the person offering the services. *It is Buyer beware. If Admins get complaints about services it will be up to the Admins if that member will be allowed to keep posting about those services.
* There can't be any medical advice given. If you find something on a website you may post the link. Medical advice posts will be deleted. It is not legal to post. You could be causing the death of an animal.
*You could be fined as well as the Admins of the group.