Bible Chapter Challenge

I have created this group to encourage one another to read our bibles daily, some of us already read our bibles daily and others struggled with reading daily before this group, so this group is so that we are encouraging one another and always holding eachother accountable out of LOVE! This is how we'll do the challenge, everyday (preferably first thing in the morning) read a CHAPTER of your choice from the bible and post it on here showing us all one chapter of what you read. (if you read more awesome!) and if one of us didn't post a chapter for that day than you will be hearing from one of us or all of us! lol lol AND PLEASE CONTINUALLY PRAY FOR ALL WHO ARE COMMITTING THEMSELVES TO THIS CHALLENGE! My greatest desire is through this challenge we will grow in the Word of God and have a fire and hunger weve never ecperienced before for his precious Word!!! (If you havent posted by 8 pm we will start nudging you ;) )