Winchester/Clark County Trading Post

This trading post is for buying, selling or trading whatever you have to offer. It can also be used to look for work, or workers. Please do not post business ventures or get rich quick schemes, or anything that you do not have on hand..for instance anything that has to be gotten from a distributor. Basically be nice & have respect for yourself & others.
There will be NO TOLERANCE for bashing anyone or any other trading post or site. Doing so will get you removed and banned. We do not need people on here complaining about anything...Just buy, sell, list, etc. And, most of all use common courtesy for yourself & others.
Please limit your listings so that you do not take up the whole page. It is unfair to other members of this group. If you have more than 4 items to list, put them in an album. If you cannot do that, please do not post them here. If you do not adhere to this request, you will be removed from the group. Sorry, but we have to be fair to everyone.
One last thing, please put a picture with the price you want. Don't say "PM me for details". That will NOT work. You must put your price on with your item. No one wants to play the guessing game.
If you do not like someone's price, simply move on. Do not make a negative comment or you will be removed from the group. It is not up to you to let them know the price is unfair. Saying that you can get the item cheaper elsewhere will get you removed. Just move on if that is the way you feel about an item. Anyone can try to sell anything for any price. If it is OK with buyer and seller, it can sell.
If anyone has any problems, please contact me. Thanks and enjoy.
As of today, Sept, 1, 2014, NO posts will be allowed to sell baby formula, baby food, etc...anything that might be WIC related. You can GIVE it away if you would like to, but not sell it here. Sorry but if WIC items are being sold that could be a potential problem for someone. The posts for selling baby food or formula will be removed and so will the member posting it.
I have decided that I will NO longer allow animals to be posted on here to give away, rehome, sell, etc. The reason is that I don't want animals getting into the wrong hands and being abused. Animals should not have to go thru that and I don't want it on here. Thanks.
1/29/15...Couponing is a great way to help off-set the cost of everyday living expenses. You can get things at a great discount & sometimes FREE. When you start stock-piling free stuff and then try to make a profit off of it because you can, it becomes wrong. It may help out others but I can see this as a possible means of taking the coupons away from everyone in the future due to misuse. This was not started for people to gain profit from and therefore you cannot sell the stuff on here. Sorry..

Thank you.