Fairfax County Super Chill Off and Fun Time!!

From Middle School, High School, College, Jobs, Etc. If you like to do very super chill off, and have fun time probably it would be the time to go out there for the weekend, do fun, and have fun to talk and stuff. Others things to. Specially something like you do know familiar.

Only any time for school days doing break time, holiday, or so of, any time or probably something special, anything.

There be movies watching over a friends house, movie theater, food, party, art, drawing, acting, cool stuff, maybe going to a friend house, music, games, history, going out date due, many many more! (Those one about your hobbies, and interest you like) :)

Wednesday to Sunday; only the fun will began only those days!!

Don't forget to add everyone from your firends from school, high school, college, and others job, etc.. ADD EVERYONE!!