Lebanon OH Rummage Sale

This is an online rummage sale group for those in the Lebanon Ohio or surrounding areas to post and sell items to each other.

1- All items must be picked up in Lebanon unless agree upon otherwise by the involved parties.

2- First person to say they are interested in an item gets first dibs on that item. It is NOT first person to comment unless that comment directly expresses an interest to buy. Please keep in mind that some items are also posted on other sites so someone else may have first dibs on an entirely different page. It will be up to the seller to determine who was first in such cases.

3- Please include description, price and picture. Once sold, please delete or mark as sold so that the administrator can delete it.

4- You can bump your post once every 20-24 hours. Please bump rather than creating all new posts. This avoids overcrowding of the page and creates equal opportunities for all of us trying to sell.

Thanks and have fun!

P.S. for newbies- PPU= pending pick up, BTT= back to top or Bump (used when a seller wants to get their item back to the top of the page)