Evansville Indiana Yard Sale

If you have stuff at your home and want to sell it just post a pic and price and people will check it out check each day for stuff know you don't have to go outside for yard sale !!
**All items for sale must have a price, location & description; size, make, model, etc written on the post and on EVERY picture, whether single post or album and any damages, flaws, stains MUST be noted. ONLY time stock photos are allowed are of items that are brand new, still in box. Do not list the same items more than ONE time, bump them up!
*YOU CAN LIST 6 INDIVIDUAL POSTS PER DAY. If you have more than 6 items you will be listing per day, make an album please. All posts which do not follow this rule will be deleted, to make the page fair for others. If you have multiple pics of the exact same item, they MUST be put in an album.
**SELL TO FIRST PERSON TO TYPE WANT ON THE POST! NO PM OR PHONE SALES!.......If someone wants to buy your item, please sell it to the FIRST person to type want on the post, it is only fair, on the actual post of picture or album. Thinking about or interested is not a commitment. Please give the first person to "want" at least 24 hours to respond back to your (sellers) reply, before moving on to the next. After the 1st person has typed want, they then can negotiate with the seller on details and price. Its up to the seller whether they will take less. The main thing is the FIRST want should be given the opportunity to buy. Then second, and so on. There is no be no bidding! You must also give buyer at least 48 hours to pick up, from the time you acknowledged their want. If you are bartering and offer a lesser price, and someone else offers full price, they get it, unless the offer was already accepted.
*If it's obvious that the buyer and seller are negotiating then please be considerate and put want next..
*PS: If you are missing pertinent info that you need to make a decision to buy, always put WANT first, then ask questions in the same sentence. This will insure you are still first, and if the answers you receive are not the answers you need, politely decline to buy. Example: WANT IF right size, WANT if in excellent condition, want if available...