Tehachapi swap meet


1.) First come first serve helps. If you have waited around a few hours after someone said they would show without a phone call from them then on to the next person.

2.) Put "pending" on items in wait to be sold Then DELETE YOUR ITEMS ONCE SOLD. Click on the upper right hand corner of your post and click "delete". To find an old post click the search bar (looking glass top right of page) type your name in, and then delete.

3.) If you have more than a few pics you must place them in an album or only show a few per day so that Tehachapi Swap is not clogged up with 20 items from one person. There are albums available for use. Just click on "photos" top of page and click into the numbered albums. Or create your own by clicking "photos" then upload your pics to "create an album".

4) No homemade food items.

5.) If notifications are blowing up your phone and email. Click into notifications top right, click "off" and un-check email in settings.

6) You may bump your post once a day. DO NOT REPOST THE SAME ITEM OVER AND OVER AGAIN, your posts will be deleted and if it continues you will be removed from the site.

7) You can place your (Kern County only) business in our business docs section. (NO BUSINESSES OUT OF KERN ALLOWED )

8.) Tehachapi Swap is a drama free site. If you don't like the price of an item just imagine if you were at a yard sale you can leave and not say a word and let the next person deal with the price if they like. Drama free is the way to be!! Thanks for keeping it all about business in here! Admin may ask people about their prices from time to time.

9,) DO NOT POST ILLEGAL ITEMS or services such as bootleg copies, piracy, replica handbags, or anything else that's illegal or shady including selling WIC items. As long as you let people know it is a faux item as in MAC makeup or Coach purses or perfume not being the real thing you can sell it. So ALWAYS BE UP FRONT if you are selling A KNOCK OFF or YOU WILL BE DELETED. Facebook can close down our group for posting these items if we state they are real when they are fake. Do not do it or you will immediately be removed from the group.

10.) We are all volunteer here and take no responsibility for any of the items sold. This is a referral site only.