GotSOLE.[Riviera Beach]

gotSOLE? (Riviera beach) is a group with roots in Palm Beach County to buy, sell, exchange and discuss fresh kicks...
Failure to follow these rules may result in removal without notice.
1) Fake posts =BAN
2) Posts not about sneakers or fashion= BAN
-If someone flakes, DEAL WITH IT. Lots of hypebeasts in the game now... It is what it is.
-Do your meetups in a public place if you don't know the person. Seriously, you'll thank me later.
-Tag me or Renzo in posts that don't follow the 7 rules above. (I'll send you a thank you message) Don't tag me or Renzo to ban someone unless they break one of the rules above.
-Do NOT advertise anything without asking for Renzo Ramos's or Ben-Oni Francois's permission first.
-The admins are only human. We have lives. We can't always be on gotSOLE? every second of the day. Please understand.
-We cannot be held responsible, at any time or at any place for lost or stolen property. Call the popo.
And once you're booted its for GOOD!! As in, you will never be allowed back in.
So behave, ya bish.

READ THE RULES! (Seriously, read them and follow them if you want to remain part of the group.)

ZERO-tolerance for fake kicks ...once your found out you'll be kicked out immediately...possibly hunted down, and pistol whipped.... ;D ...Let's keep the sneaker game alive guys

~Team gotSOLE?