Lifeline China Group

We are very excited to have a group where our Lifeline China families can connect! The Lifeline China Facebook group is a PRIVATE FaceBook group. By electing to join, you are consenting to disclose your personal identifying information. By participating in the group, you are responsible for all information shared and Lifeline cannot be held liable for what your family chooses to disclose. This group membership is not mandatory by any means and is a personal decision of each family.

Only Lifeline Children’s Services employees and current/post-adoption Lifeline China Program families will be allowed to join this group. The goal of this group is to connect families for the purpose of support and information. This group is meant to be a tool of encouragement. Any posts that are inaccurate or discouraging may be removed at the discretion of the administrators of the group. If you withdraw from the Lifeline China Program, we will also remove you from the Lifeline China FaceBook group as part of the withdrawal process.

Because this is a private group, you can request to join without being “friends” on FaceBook with your social worker or program point. At the end of your pre-adoption process, you and your social worker may become friends if you so desire. If you are already friends with your social worker and wish to no longer be, you have the right to cancel that at this time, and you can choose to re-new this at the end of your journey. Nothing will be taken personally, as we wish to support you in any way needed as you proceed in your family’s adoption journey! We are seeking to give you the opportunity to make any decisions needed to best proceed.