Nanyang Polytechnic Symphony and Wind Orchestra

Established in 2002, the Nanyang Polytechnic Symphony Orchestra (NYPSO) comprised both the wind and string sections. It's our honor to be guided under the baton of our then Resident Conductor, Mr. Luk Hoi Yui, dearly known to all members as Laoshi. NYPSO has since then grown in size and repertoire to become the first polytechnic symphony orchestra in Singapore.

Together with Mr. Luk, the NYPSO strived hard and has staged many concerts and performances, both in and out of school. The set up of the NYPSO has saw the nurturing and development of the music interest in many NYP students. Not only that, Mr. Luk has shaped and nurtured many committed musicians and aspiring conductors, allowing these musicians to discover their hidden talents.

Thanks to the support of NYP's senior management, the Orchestra has enjoyed many opportunities to enrich its musical journey. In July 2004, the NYP Wind Orchestra participated in the Australian International Music Festival, providing our members with a once-in-a-lifetime chance to perform at the Sydney Town Hall, Darling Harbour and at one of the world's renowned arts performance icon venue, the Sydney Opera House.

This Australian trip was a prelude to the NYP Wind Orchestra's participation in the prestigious 15th World Music Contest held in Kerkrade, The Netherlands in 2005. With much hardwork from both the members and Mr. Luk, the NYP Wind Orchestra was led into glory in the 2nd Division Harmony band category, winning the Gold Medal for our outstanding performance in the contest.

To our dismay, Mr. Luk had to retire in the year 2007. Since then, NYPSO had warmly welcomed Mr. Leonard Tan into the big family, leveraging on his expertise and experience to bring NYPSO to a greater height.

Just recently, in July 2008, NYPSO embarked on a journey to Vienna, Austria. Under the baton of our current Resident Conductor, Mr. Leonard Tan, we clinched the top honours in the “Symphonic Band” category in our participation in the 2nd Summa Cum Laude (SCL) International Youth Music Festival, one of the premier youth music events in Europe. Thanks to the members' hardwork and Mr. Tan's patience and guidance, NYPSO also clinched the Summa Cum Lauda Award in the “Symphonic Band” category, bringing back a gracious cash prize of €1500.

It was our great honor for both the Symphony and Wind Orchestra to be able to perform and compete in the Golden Hall of the Musikverein, home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra and also notably known as one of the top 3 finest concert halls in the world.

With the return of Mr Leonard Tan into the world of studying, Dr. Zechariah Goh has since then taken over the position of Resident Conductor of NYPSO in mid-Dec 2008. On 18th January, NYPSO held their annual concert “SINFONIA 2009”, first time at the Esplanade with Dr Goh.

The NYPSO's journey towards muscial excellence continues with our upcoming preparations for many eye-opening events in 2009. There is the promise of many exciting things to come with the support of one and all.