Living Abroad in Naples Italy - Uncensored, Uncut

Tired of Italians? Love Italians? Ripped off by the autoport at the NEX? Hate the trash at the support site / anywhere else? Need to complain about how crappy management is somewhere? let it be known!

Here anything goes!!! And we mean anything.

- Selling a car? Post it here!
- Griefs Gripes Complaint? Bitch it here!
- Recommendations, Compliments? State it!
- Selling booty? PM Me.... :)
- Complain about a stupid Americans, like Will E. Stylzz? Please Bring it!!! ;)

Anything goes... Now that wasn't so hard was it, Marcus?

P.S. You are responsible for your posts, so any legal implications that come about with respect to what you post the administrators of this page are not responsible for. Also, even though we are an uncensored and uncut group, anything considered spam by the administrators may be removed from the forum. Happy posting!!!