University of Sheffield Hong Kong Society Freshers 2014-2015

First of all, congratulations and welcome to the University of Sheffield! SHKS endeavours to promote Hong Kong culture and to strengthen the bonds between Hong Kong students within the student community. We are a student led group aiming to serve everyone, not only Hong Kong people.

Our objective is to provide a platform for our freshers in the UoS to meet other Hong Kong people, to make more friends and to interact with them. We hope to provide you all a warm and welcoming atmosphere, and to kindly invite all of you to engage in our big family.

Throughout the academic year, SHKS will organise a vast range of events in order to enrich your university experience, including regular dinners and socials, inter-university sports competitions, clubbing events, SHKS variety show, etc. In September 2014, we will be hosting an orientation camp in HK, keep an eye on this page to get more details if you are interested.

Stay tune on our freshers’ page or simply add us (Sheffield HKSoc) as friend to know more about our celebrating events and specials!


SHKS official email:
SHKS Instagram: Sheffieldhksoc

We would like to introduce to you the committee members of the University of Sheffield Hong Kong Society 2014-2015:

President: Raman Au Yeung (Accounting and Financial Management)

Vice President: Sunday Chan (Psychology)

Treasurer: Christy Chor (Education, Culture and Childhood)

Internal Secretary: Amber Lam (Accounting and Financial Management)

External Secretary: Adrian Tong (Psyhology)

Welfare Officer: Sam Leung (Aerospace Engineering)

Inclusion Officer: Xenos Kwok (Accounting and Financial Management)

Event Officer: Kammy Tsang (Accounting and Financial Management)

Event Officer: Ellery Cheung (Business Management)

Publications Officer: Jodie Yung (Psychology)

Volunteering Officer: Kelvin Cheung (Psychology)

Sports Officer (Basketball): Isaac Cheng (Civil and Structural Engineering)

Sports Officer (Football): Garret Choy (Mechanical Engineering)

Beside this official page, please feel free contact any of our committee members for any queries overcome! We will keep you updated with the latest events and ensure you have best university experience!