pets for sale wirral & uk

This group is for selling pets and pet products. New members please read the rules as any post failing to comply with these rules will not be approved to be posted or will be removed.
1) NO FREE pets, the reason for this is pretty clear, any free animal is put in danger as they can easily be put in the wrong hands and be used for breeding or bait animals, we want to prevent this as much as possible so if you post free animal you will be told to add a location and price or the post will be removed. No offers swapping pets and no offers to exchange anything but cash on this group.
2) No posts about studs, pregnant animals or breeding services, this again is a clear rule to prevent unwanted animals, if you want an animal, try local shelters there are plenty that need a home of all ages, sizes and breeds that may well have a limited time left.
3) No underage pets, ill pets or aggressive pets to be sold on this group. Puppies and kittens should NOT be homed or advertised on this group under 8 weeks of age, young animals advertised must have age, price, breed, pic and location, we also urge you to do home checks and allow the new owner to visit,(if they can't then there's doubt that they are suitable to have a young animal if they can't make time to visit or pick up the animal) to ensure they are going to the right homes and minimise the risk of them ending up being rehomed or put in kennels/catteries.
All sellers take full responsibility of handover of pets and money, requesting ID of the new owner will ensure they aren't being sold to underage persons (16 years old). By law its is required you do NOT sell pets to under 16's. Take necessary precautions such as home checks or reserve fees to further ensure they are going to a good home.
4) Absolutely NO Staffordshire bull terriers, American bulldogs or bull breed cross litters to be sold on this group, we refuse to be allowed to add to the growing problem of bull breeds, there is simply too much overbreeding and so many are being put down by lethal injection and abused or neglected all over the uk.
5) Advertising other groups or sites is not allowed unless agreed and checked out by admin, this is to ensure strict rules are in place to prevent problems such as free animals, breeders and litters are not advertised through the linked group, however, rescues are allowed.
6) Respect others and don't jump in on wanted posts asking for the same animal of the offered animal/equipment before the postee has had a chance to contact the offerer, this is simple politeness.
7) Swearing, abuse, bullying, racism, sexism or other discrimination is NOT tolerated, any abuse of any kind will be dealt with asap, comments will be removed and you will be removed from the group immediately without warning. Advice and opinions are accepted but negative/nasty comments will be dealt with the same as the above. Any concerns please tag a member of admin.