A Children's Upscale Resale (League City/Alvin/Pearland)

League City/Alvin/Pearland and surrounding areas. Please only post if you are local; if you are not, please state that. My hopes is to keep this local to provide all of us an opportunity to see items before they are purchased. There are plenty of "resale" groups and pages here on Facebook for those looking to sale items that aren't under terms.

A children's resale group where you can post your upscale children's items, including clothing, shoes and accessories. Please refrain from posting items from stores such as Walmart, Target and Carter's. If you have those items in bulk, please post as a "lot" and private message/arrange a meeting with those interested. This group is geared more towards those who would like to flip/hand down items that were purchased either through a custom children's boutique or a higher end store. This may include places such as Baby Gap and other mall stores.

Please post items in an album, according to size and gender. This will make it easier for those looking to buy.

Personalized items: these items may be posted directly to the wall. This will allow those who may not be looking for that particular size to find items that are personalized with their child's initial(s)/names.

I am asking that this not be an advertisement page for businesses either. If you sell something, please do not use this page as a place to sell them. Thank you.

PLEASE DELETE YOUR LISTING AFTER THE ITEM HAS SOLD. Also, if an item has been posted for more than a month, you may want to consider reducing the price or removing the item.

If you have any questions, please email the administrator. Thank you!