Project Coser (MY)

The main purpose of this Group is to gather people who love to cosplay and dance, our dance activities will be held in Cosplay event.
这个团队主要目的是收集热爱cosplay和跳舞的人,我们会举办跳舞活动在Cosplay event。
This Group is not welcome for any HENTAI and SPOILER.
此团体谢绝变态或捣乱的人。 ^^

How to get permission to enter the team:
--As long as you love dance and cosplay
--Do not being a DIVING MAN (inactive)
--must be malaysian ( of course )
--来自大马 ( KL & SELANGOR )

PLEASE do not post Something not related for DANCE and ACG.
We are accept publicity and trading.
**Please introduce yourself when admin appvore to join in,
if not admin will kick you out after one week**

We do not welcome people who dance KPOP,or harlem shake on ANY COSPLAY EVENT. We just accept ACG (anime,comic,game),vocaloid,touhou,JPOP.
Please respect the reputation of Japan and cosplay.
我们不欢迎在cosplay event 的时候跳KPOP,或像harlem shake之类的舞蹈。(请尊重cosplay界)

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Project Coser created on 10 of March 2013