Jake & Black's BRO-duction CAMPTIME


Camping in my backyard...
AFter the FOOTTBAAWL game were gunna come back and set shit up
*Bring whatever the fuck u wont as long as u hide anything inapropriate away from my parents... which is incredibly easy.
**Bring a tent becuz i do not have none, if u have a fire pit/stove thing bring that too
Bring food FOOOOOOODDDD♥ ...blake u def got that
Bring water
Ur not allowed inside my house once the campnight has started becuz tthats breaking bro-code
Sorry guys but i have to be somewhere around 2 so everyone must be out by 1
Bring alcohol
Bring candy and marshmellows
Invite bros
IDK lets do whatever friday night lets not just have legendary days lets have legendary months
Oh ya.... LMK if yur coming or not

My addres is 236 Beverly Rd, Huntington Station come whenever

p.s. if we smoke then dw we can keep it discreet but just act all silly for yall cuz me and nicosia r good at dat