Proper Canine Diet- What to Feed & Not to Feed

This Group is Designed to Help Educate Dog Owners & Breeders on what they are feeding & also discovering if they should be feeding their Dogs & Puppies their Favorite Brand?

Many Dog Owners have been Fooled by Marketing Hypes & Advertizing into believing they are feeding a Proper Diet or Brand of food.

Not everyone has time to Research Dog Food Brands or other types of Dog Foods on the Market Today!

It is our Hopes that many in this Group will learn from Discussions, Comments & Posts by myself & others as to whether what they are feeding their Dogs & Puppies is truly a Beneficial or Potentially Harmful Food/Diet!

Also learning about the Allergies related to many Commercial Store Brands Ingredients.

Grain Free - is it the Best Choice & Why?

Raw Diet VS Ancestral Diet - Grain Free Kibble & Wet Food