WorkPermit & Jobs in UK

Are you JOB less. and looking for JOB, need Bright future, so upload your CV, we have better Employer's in UK. take chance. Good luck.

Dear guys, we establish this group on your request and we had voting for it. we will open poll again for new comers, i am sure you people will be happy, because we are always trying to be there, where we have to be. lets do aim, no one be JOB LESS any more. and please POST your JOBS and CV
CV must be in "Add File" and jobs are on Timeline, so everyone can see and take advantage.
we will contact you back as soon as possible.

if you are Company and you want staff, let us know, we will help you for trained Staff.
if you are Offering work permit, let us know, we gives you skilled worker.
or if you are looking for JOB send your C.V to the email, we will let you know you a Job.