Prayers for Addison

Hello Everyone! It has been quite a month and I wanted to give everyone an update on how we are doing. The first two weeks went by in a blur and we were very much numb. The outpour of love and support and having family and friends close by really helped so much more than we can express. After that we really started to feel how much we missed Addison and how our home and lives felt empty without her; so much so that at times it was difficult to breathe and we would need to just get out for a while. Last week Ben and I took a short vacation and completely got away for a while. It was so nice to be able to get away and kind of process things outside of our normal everyday life. We know that Addison was given to us so that we can do something more with our lives. God has plans for us that are much larger than we are now. We just need to take time and have patience to figure out what those plans are. Now we are back home and I started back to work today. It's weird going back to a life that we once had without her in it. It feels very surreal to be able to get up and go somewhere and not have to worry about bringing her with us or having someone come over to watch her. It's weird to not spend my days worrying and stressing. But I think the weirdest part of it all is just not having her here to love and to be inspired by. We miss her so much and we still talk to her everyday. We tell her how much we love and miss her and about how much of an impact she has made on us and in the loves of those around us. Thank you again to all of our friends, family and supporters around the world. We are so incredibly blessed to have you all in our lives.