North Dallas Man Cave(Frisco and Surrounding Area)

This site is for the Frisco and surrounding areas only, please do not request to join unless you are in or willing to meet in the area.
Anything "MAN" if a man would like it post it!
No kids toys, baby items Etc.....
We want tools, car parts, sports equip., electronics etc... (Guy stuff, think Tim the tool man Taylor OhOhOh,lol))
Keep it clean and friendly.
You can be removed from the group at the admins discretion.
Only "bump" once in 24hrs.
If you are selling multiple items MAKE AN ALBUM.
Once something sells DELETE THE POST.
If it is pending pick up let everyone know (ppu)
No "make offer" allowed must include a starting or asking price and location with posts. OBO is ok.
If you are interested SAY SO or it doesn't count and it is up the sellers discretion.
Small business ads (related to THIS page only) are allowed ONCE a week ON FRIDAYS!!!! if this is abused the admin can change this at any time.

Enjoy and Happy selling/shopping!!!!!