Samantha Grath / Dominick Masterson Story Lines

*giggles shyly as she peeks out from behind her monitor* Hello every body! And Welcome to Dominick's and mine's Story Line Page!!

Pretty much this is a place were me and Dommie.. *reaches over and kisses his cheek* Can post all the story lines that we are writing and keeping it all in one place! He told me I should make a list of all the Rules and stuff so here goes! *her eyes widen as she remembers* OH! and before I forget, If Dom or I added by you mistake, we are sorry. It's probably my fault *bites her lower lip and frowns nervously* and I just goofed up, but no worries, feel free to remove and No hard feelings..I hope... *giggles nervously*

1. You have to 18 and up to read and join the group. *Rolls her eyes as she tilts her head* Yea I know...Things might get a little naughty as our story progresses and Dominick thinks it's better safe than sorry and I have to agree!

2. While Dommie and I LOVE feedback, please don't post comments inside story lines but totally hit that like button to show the Love! It wont bite! *winks at Dominick*

3. . Any type of harassment of our fans or group members will get you kicked out of the group. Sorry to be a meanie, but well...Dominick doesn't like it when people get all creepy and I can't say I enjoy it either. *crosses arms as she nuzzles against Dominick's shoulder mimicking a low deep voice* " Don't Start nuffin, Won't BE nuffin! * she giggles and shakes her head, snorting from every inhale*