Enfield, CT ~ FREE/ISO Items

Welcome to Enfield, CT ~ FREE/ISO Items page!!! (NO selling/bartering please)

(For residents of Enfield, CT and/or (very close) surrounding towns)

Let’s be honest, we all have ‘stuff’ and sometimes way more than we need. Why not pass it on to someone who needs it?!?!

If you have something that is available, post a description (including any flaws if applicable) and preferably add a picture of the item as well. Nothing illegal please!

If you’re interested in something post a comment and/or inbox the listing party.

When the item/s are claimed or you are no longer ISO said items, PLEASE DELETE the post. (Everything listed should either be still available and/or still ISO)

Members are asked to honor the first come, first serve basis please. First person to comment should be the one who receives the item. If that falls through for some reason, the item should then go to the second interested party.

This page is NOT for businesses or advertising! It’s just people helping people. If you are in violation of that, you will be removed without warning.

Please no drama and/or being rude to other members. The group is set up as a closed group to help monitor activity/members within the group. Please feel free to add/recommend your Enfield friends.

Suggestions welcomed =)

You should not post personal information.
You should meet other parties in a public place.