Welcome to the MANAWATU (Wanganui) Regional MMNZ Group,

This page is a great way to meet your local members, set up local events for teams, workouts etc…. all MMNZ group events are always welcoming, safe, fun and supportive, regardless of your age, weight, fitness level or anything else that holds you back - our MMNZ events are the perfect way to try new things as a team and have the support of your MMNZ sisters with you all the way.

The Manawatu (Wanganui) local MMNZ Team Manager is Maegan Legg, Please feel free to PM Maegan or tag her in any of your posts. She will be your group go to person for me to ensure MMNZ standards and expectations are maintained in each region, She will organise any national events we may implement across the board, She can be your local MMNZ go to person and someone to keep the local group buzzing and alive…

So use this group as an avenue to organise catch-ups, walks, brunch, events, Shake-ups, and anything you like!

These groups are set as CLOSED, for ease of access, however ADMIN must approve all members added, as we want to ensure 100% MMNZ Member only access.

This forum is a safe, private, supportive, informative environment. We are open, honest and encouraging.

There is a list of house rules that must be read (in your profile downloads) that apply to ALL MMNZ FB groups – no promoting or selling goods/services, fundraising, advertising etc without approval from me please. All of the above groups are set as "Secret" or “Closed” and are for MMNZ Members only. Please do not add any non-members to the group as the benefits are exclusively for MMNZ current members.

You are part of this team now and the more you engage and interact the more you will get from it - don't be shy :)Thanks again for joining us and if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask.

Believe Belong Become

Mak and the MMNZ Team xx