Peninsula Trash & Treasure

This is a fun and friendly site!
We do ask our members to support this group by adding as many of their family and friends as they can, this way the more users the better the chance to buy and sell items.
All posts will only be listed for 1 month, all posts after 1 month will be deleted, members are welcome to relist if the ad is still wanted.
All posts must have a picture, if there is no picture then your post will be deleted without warning.
All posts must state a price and location; wanted offers must state a location.
Bumping will be allowed twice a day but the comment that bumps item whether it be “bump” or symbols like ^^^^
If listing is on another group or site, you must put in your listing “Listed elsewhere” so members will know the item could be already sold in another group.
All listings for items sold must be deleted after pick up.
If you fail to show to pick up your item you will be given a warning....if it happens 3 times then you will be deleted and banned from the group.....sellers if you have a NO SHOW plz contact admin with the name of the person....
The first person to say sold buys the item, all offers and counter offers must be on the wall for all to see, this is to save confusion as to who put sold in first, and offer with sold does not mean the item is sold at that price, it is up to the seller if he or she wants to accept that offer.
Admin take no responsibility for items bought or sold on this page. Please ensure the item you buy works before purchasing