Network Spinal Analysis Club -- Palmer Davenport

This group has been started as the foundation of forming an NSA club on campus and to keep you informed of upcoming opportunities to learn more about NSA.

Network is a chiropractic technique developed by Dr. Donald Epstein in 1982. Since then, NSA has continuously evolved and has gained a wide following among doctors and those under care who are inspired by its tremendous capacity to tap the body’s own healing mechanisms.

Network began as an ambitious attempt to “network” the most effective aspects of various chiropractic techniques into one method. Dr. Epstein noticed that light touches, applied to places along the spine in specific sequences, produced physiological changes that lead to the release of vertebral subluxations. Through ongoing development of the technique, coupled with practice member assessment, further theorization, and research, NSA has positioned itself on the cutting edge of chiropractic and the healing arts.

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In an attempt to keep this group more organized, we would like to request that all posts in the group be focused on NSA/Reorganizational healing. If you would like to promote something other than NSA to the Network club, please contact an officer and we would be happy to assist you.