BMW Car Club Philippines Reform Movement

We are former members of the BMW Car Club of the Philippines (BMWCCP). Some of us were former officers of the club but have left because of the current leadership. We are being kept out of club activities, to join events, prevented from running for a board seat, etc. Simply because we don't agree with how the club is managed. This group was created so that we can freely voice our opinion about club matters. As many of you know, the BMWCCP maintains 2 FB pages. One where you can only comment on new posts, can't post anything contrary to the leadership (they delete the posts). Another is a secret FB page where only those loyal to the current leadership have access.

In this group, feel free to post anything. We just ask that you post material that is not offensive to any ethnic group, religion, sexual orientation, gender, etc. We are a group who believes in diversity. However, we do have one request. You should be a current BMW car owner. Doesn't matter what year model it is. As long as it has the roundel.

Welcome to the BMWCCP Reform Movement. Our goal is to bring change to the BMWCCP that we love so much through a change of the leadership.