Monmouth County NJ Garage/Yard Sales

This is a site about buying, selling, and trading in the local areas of Monmouth County NJ. There are many of these sites here on FB however, I wanted one where I could go to specifically find "stuff" within a reasonable distance. My sister and I and the Administration run this site. I created this group on April 19, 2014.

Just a couple of suggestions:
*Delete adds once they are sold/traded
*Add photos, location & price. The more info the better!
*Please bump adds, duplicates will be deleted
*Don't be a jerk. We are all adults so there is no need for price police, rude comments, etc... If your not interested in the item mentioned in the post then don't comment. Even if your 3rd cousins moms brothers wife's babysitters uncle saw one at a show or yard sale for $10 cheaper.
*Have Fun!
Thanks for being a member.