Queen Creek Connection

A place for Town of Queen Creek residents to CONNECT to their Town. Learn about Events and Happenings in Town, know about latest developments and NEW and exciting growth in our Town. Please No Business Ads, garage sale ads or ads such as wraps jamberry pampered chef/etc... or fundraising, etc. Those who post advertisements will be removed, as there are countless other groups for that. Page is brand new as of Jan 2015, so please be patient as content and updates are added. No Disrespect meant to our friends/family/neighbors in other communities but this will be a very Town of QC Centric group. The admins of this page very much appreciate our good friends in San Tan Valley and have been very vocal in support of their rights to self determination. That said, there are lots of groups for STV and unfortunately not more than one or two for QC, so the hope is that this group will help QC residents obtain valuable info. There is much confusion as to what is Town of Queen Creek and what is QC only by way of zip code. One of the easiest ways to know... Do your garbage and recycling carts have a Town of Queen Creek logo on it? http://www.queencreek.org/community/do-i-live-in-qc