Wrappers: Off The Rails

Off The Rails is a group specifically for woven wrap enthusiasts. All fiber geekery, carry tutorials and questions, wrap reviews, and general wrap discussion is welcome. However, like all groups, there must be some rules. We can't just be running around all willy nilly.
1. Brand snobbery will not be tolerated whatsoever. We all love to wrap. What brand (or diy woven fabric) we wrap with should never be subject to any kind of shaming or ridicule. Brand snobs should find another group.
2. Loaded questions or comments will not be tolerated. Any status or comment that an admin deems 'loaded' will be deleted. Examples: "Are (insert brand) REALLY selling for more than retail?" "Can someone tell me why anyone would ever wrap with (insert fiber or brand)?" "I think (insert wrap) looks cheap." Let's keep it civil, everyone.
3. Substatuses and vaguebooking about other brands, weavers, members, etc. absolutely will not be tolerated. This group has many admins who have their ears to the ground. They WILL know of who or what is being spoken. This isn't high school. Take that noise to your PMs.
4. No screen shots of other people. The only screen shots that will be allowed will be regarding questions about wrap brands or carries. This is not a group to make fun of others in.
5. No bst. There are a million other groups for that. Let's keep this group about the geekery.
6. No negative comments regarding stash shots. Please do not ask how someone affords their wraps, how they can own so many when there are starving people in Africa, why they need more than one, etc. Rule of thumb: replace "wraps" with "shoes". Would you ask your friend the value of their shoe collection? No? Then don't ask about their stash shots. Use the manners your momma taught you.
7. No spam. Just don't do it. (This includes giveaways. Let's keep the wall open for pictures and questions.)
8. Don't be a jerk. If you feel yourself about to say something catty or mean, don't. And don't pretend like you were just joking. We're adults. If it's something you wouldn't allow your child to say to another child, don't say it to another adult.
Members who violate the rules will be given a warning by an admin on the first offense. Any subsequent violations will result in a ban, the length of time determined by the admin team. Members who frequently violate the rules will be permanently banned.
Off The Rails was created to be a fun, unintimidating environment. This group might not be the right fit for you, and that's okay. But, if you've been looking for a wicked cool group to share in fiber geekery without any unpleasantness, welcome!

Your Admin team consists of:
Sherry Gee
Kourtney Rushdi Barney
Toni Carey
Katherine Burley
Andrea Murat Gundogdu