Cameroon Women's Movement

The "Cameroon Women's Movement" (CWM) is a vehicle for uniting and educating the women of Cameroon (home and abroad) towards empowerment and development. In this forum, the women are motivated towards the love for their motherland Cameroon and the culture, in other to effectively teach the children, as mothers are the first teachers; as someone said, "to educate a woman is to educate a nation".
CWM is deeply concerned about issues pertaining to women such as spiritual, physical, financial, and emotional.
As women come together, they exchange talents and ideas, and CWM provides the platform for such interactions. The long term goals include building great and dynamic leaders, powerful and successful wives, renown entrepreneurs, caring and loving mothers, and not forgetting helping the less privileged women.
CWM believes that the Cameroonian woman is strong, dynamic, positive, powerful, hopeful, hardworking, and loves God.