Quincy's Kid Connection

A place where families help one another trading, buying, selling and giving away items the no longer want or need. You may re-sell items on this page you bought here, there, or anywhere. You may give away items. You can barter, which I encourage:) No bashing people of any kind publicly in posts in this group. No drama, no fighting, always be fare. Wash your items before selling them. If they have rips, stains or is broken notify the potential buyers by stating that in your post. No advertisements please. Parents feel free to post your clothing items you want to get rid of as well! This is for families! Please if posting multiple items put them in a folder please, unless your categorizing. Feel free to bump your items and post as many things as you would like. If someone is acting inappropriately or posting inappropriately you will be removed and blocked from this group. And yes pets such as dogs, cats, fish, birds, etc...looking for homes can be posted as well. As well as families ISO pets can post there wants. They are family too. Have fun here on the page and try to make some new friends:)