Love Glossop


Need a food recommendation? Somewhere to walk your dog? Want to share a cool/funny story from Glossop? Or just talk rubbish with fellow locals!

LOCAL events, businesses and groups can promote themselves within the group but a MAXIMUM of once every seven days and by active posters only. We don’t expect advertisers to post every five minutes but a positive contribution to the board would be appreciated. It’s worth remembering that people would prefer to use the services of people they have come to know rather than those of strangers.

You promote yourself, you promote your business/group. Anybody posting purely for advertising purposes will find those adverts removed and possibly be removed/banned from the page.

We're trying to build a pleasant, constructive, active online community - not just a dumping ground for adverts. If you post an advert as soon as you join or can't abide by the few simple rules we have, we'll assume you are looking for the latter. Due to the large volume of ads that get posted, we reserve the right to delete adverts at any time without warning or explanation in order to make the page attractive and not look like a yellow pages.

GROUP RULES – Loitering without intent, shoplifting, foul language, bullying, racism, spamming, trolling, bumping of posts, underage drinking, and chatting up of attractive bald headed, toast loving admins is strictly forbidden (Oh go on then if you must) that applies to the last rule only. Most of the other rules will result in your posts being removed, a warning, and possibly a ban. I can’t ever see that happening though. We’re all far too mature for that! Pffffft!