The REAL Florists Of Facebook - For Florists Only

Rules & Important Information about this group:

Please only request to join if you are a florist, retired or current and also have something on your timeline (preferably employment info) to confirm that! If we can't tell that you are a real florist from your timeline, your member request will be ignored/denied.

This group was formed for only real florists after many were in other groups that allowed anyone membership. Those other groups resulted in lots of spam and lots of posts that asked basic questions that a real florist should know.

We have tried to keep out the general public, hobbyists, online order gatherers and anyone else that just come here to solicit business (including wholesalers). Wholesale florists are welcome, but may not advertise their products. Do that on your own Facebook page! If you see a post that doesn't seem like it's from a real florist, or one that might need removed for other reasons, please let one of the admins know. Current Admins are Elsie Thomas, John Vaughn, Michelle Biela, and Andy Knowles.

Please only invite members if they are florists! - this will make admins job a lot easier when requests come through.
Please post as much as you like, creating albums may be easier for photos!
Please try to help each other out as much as possible.

Please report so we can remove immediately any unwanted posts or the odd non-florist if they happen to slip through screening.
the main reason for creating this group is so we can all get ideas, help and advice.
Thanks in advance!