Scottish Fold Cats and Kittens

For all of those who are in love with the Scottish Fold (SF) Cat. Meet people from around the world who own one of these very special cats. All of the cats can trace their heritage back to 1961 to Susie the very 1st Scottish Fold. If you ever want to obtain one of these very special cats you can get in contact with a breeder here. Since the British Shorthair (BS) British Longhair (BL) and American Shorthair (AS) are involved in many breeding programs of the SF, posts about the BS, BL and AS are also allowed. All kittens posted for sale, must be registered in CFA, WCF or TICA. WCF Highland Scottish Fold is allowed they cross over to the CFA and TICA into the Scottish Fold LH Division

1. Posting price of kitten/cat
2. Selling of merchandise, exceptions made if asked.
3. Displaying pictures of injured, sick or dead animals
4. Any member of PETA
5. All posts must be in English or have translation available
6. Extended messaging back and forth. Please contact sellers individually.
7. No posts of any cross breeding of the Scottish Fold ** There is only 3 acceptable cross breeding of the SF and that is the British Shorthair, British Longhair, and American Shorthair ** TICA has now made it a policy and rule that no two mutated gened cats will be paired to make a new breed, so there will be no new breeds formed from the Scottish Fold.
For Example: Scottish Fold + Munchkin .... not allowed
Scottish Fold + Selkirk Rex .... not allowed
Scottish Fold + American Curl .... not allowed

Thank You… Administration.

If any violation occurs your post and you will be removed from the group.