WS DS Sales Train

You must make an initial $15 purchase within 72 hrs of joining the group. Once you make your IP you will become an active member of the group and will receive a $150 train. Seven (7) trains run at a time. Trains derails once they reach $150 sales. Also trains run weekly!!! If you don't derail during that timeframe, you will be rotated to the bottom of the list.

Beginning today 08/15/14 in order to stay an active member of this group, you must purchase at least one $2 raffle ticket every 7 days. In order for this to remain a viable group....we must have sales. We are all here to market our products. We all need to work together to create a strong and active group. One weekly raffle purchase will keep you active and lend a hand towards moving trains..which benefits us all. If you miss one will be warned...after that you will be asked to leave the group. We want all of you to stay.....we hope we can count on all of you to support this new system of growth!!

If you are on a train, leave the group you are welcome back but not back on the train you were on originally.

NO BLOCKING ADMIN!!!!!! Its uncalled for!!! We are here to run this group smoothly. If you have a problem or questions please as one of us.