AGR and MILTECH Support Forum

I am SSG Michael Williams the creator for the AGR Support Forum. The AGR Support Forum is not to separate AGR Soldiers from Active Component Soldiers. As AGR Soldiers and Miltechs many of us are stationed in remote locations and do not have the support that are Active Component Counter parts stationed on Military Bases may have. This forum has been created to help us all become better soldiers.

1. Respect all members of the page (regardless of rank of position we must respect each other).

2. No profanity (posts/comments will be deleted).

3. Please do not publicize the short comings of or try to embarrass the leadership within your organization.

4. When answering questions please site the regulatory guidance. We want to educated through prescribed doctrine, not "at my unit we do it this way".

5. Do not post any operational or strategic information here. Do not post ant privacy act or HIPPA information on any one here. Also do not post any instructional material that describes how to access and/or utilize any government systems. Doing so will cost you your security clearance, system access, and can bring about administrative or legal actions against you, your soldiers, and your chain of command.